Canine Physio

How can physiotherapy help my dog?Physiotherapy can benefit dogs of all ages, breeds, lifestyles, and types of work ultimately aiming to maximise fitness, function and quality of life.
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Equine Physio

How can physiotherapy help my horse?Physiotherapy can benefit all horses, from Shetland pony companions to happy hacking horses and competition horses in all disciplines.
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Feline Physio

How can physiotherapy help my cat?
Physiotherapy can help your cat recover from injury or surgery, reduce pain, improve joint mobility, improve muscle power and performance and manage lifelong degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis.
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Rabbit Physio

How can physiotherapy help my rabbit?
If your rabbit is showing signs such as reluctance to move, hunched posture or difficulty walking or changes in behaviour, physiotherapy may
be of benefit.
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Other Species

How can physiotherapy help my animal?
The principles of physiotherapy can be applied to any animal from gerbils to farm or zoo animals. The Animal Physiotherapist is open to all species and will welcome enquiries on an individual basis.
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Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how physiotherapy can help your animal.

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